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  • 22 May 2023
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I have made seat reservations for 2 of the train rides I will be making internationally with my Eurail Global Pass for 2 months. However, some trains say I do not need to purchase a reservation. Will I be able to board the train still? How will I know the train will not be booked at the time I would like to board. Also, since my pass covers 10 rides within 2 months, how do I make sure that I use this pass for those train tickets? I am very lost. 


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2 replies

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first it is not 10 rides in two months but 10 days in two months. In one day you can use so many trains that you can.

About taking trains and reservations. There are 3 types:

- reservation not possible (no one has reservations, just hop on the train and find a free seat or stand)

- reservation optional (you CAN reserve but not have to. Reserved seats are shown on a screen over the seat.

- compulsory reservation (you need a reservation)


On top keep in mind that except Eurostar services between London and mainland Europe and highspeed trains in Spain, no Airport style check in for trains. Sometimes there are gates for a ticket scan but mainly only get to the platform some minutes before departure. If a station is big than get there more early to have time to get to the platform.

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