Tickets - will not arrive in time. Where can I book paper tickets?

  • 27 June 2022
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Hi I am trying to book a paper ticket and it is saying it won’t arrive in time despite it being a month away. It is a night train from Bucharest to Budapest so I feel I should book it in advance so I don’t get stuck. I only arrive in Bucharest that morning so is it possible for me to book that ticket from a different station, I know only some do international tickets. I will be in Thessaloniki before Bucharest does anyone know if I can book the ticket there?


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Will you be in any other countries, e.g. Germany, Austria, Czechia, …? Ticket offices in those countries should be able to book.

At least one of the night trains from Bucharest to Budapest can be booked online via ÖBB. Do NOT use "Seat only” but add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount and then look for normal tickets.