Time Zones and Train Timetables

  • 3 October 2021
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Hi everyone!

Hope you can clarify me in some questions i have since this is my first time doin an interrail:

1st: How does the time zone thing works with the train time table? For example, I want to go from one city to another but they are in different timezones. So, I’m assuming the departure time form my trainis  on the time zone from that city I’m departuring from, but the arriving time is on the time zone of my destination city, correct?

2nd: How can I find travels with night trains? I wanted to hop on a night train from  Amsterdam to Berlin since it’s a 7hour journey, but I can’t find any night trains that do that journey, so I’ll have to do that during the day, loosing a lot of  valuable time :/


Thank you so much,




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The timezone management depends from Country to Country but yes it´s usually like you said the times in the timetables are the local times of the Stop.
(Site note for example in Russia all timetables are on Moscow Time even in the far east. Thats why the station have often 2 different clocks :D)

You can´t find a nighttrain because there is none 😕 Till 2016 many Nighttrains routes were canceled and yet they open step by step slightly new Routes. For example from Spring next year there will be a Brussels - Amsterdam - Berlin - Dresden - Prague Nighttrain (by European Sleeper and operated by Regiojet iam not sure if Eurail/Interrail passes will be valid on this Route) 

Currently you have from Amsterdam a daily Nighttrain to Vienna/Munich/Innbruck (operated by Austrian Rail under the Nightjet Brand) 
From early December there will be a Nighttrain from Amsterdam to Zürich.

From Cologne goes every Night a ICE (same configuration as on daytime) to Berlin so you could do Amsterdam - Cologne/Düsseldorf - Berlin as a overnight trip but it´s not pretty comfortable if you wanna sleep :/ offer a great overview of Nighttrains but is not always 100% uptodate