Train delays - missed connections. Can I take as many trains as I want?

  • 20 May 2022
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If I’ve decided to take a certain journey with a couple of change overs but the train is delayed meaning I miss my change overs, is it still possible for me to check which trains are ok for me to take with my pass and just take them? This happened the other day so I only completed half my journey from the ticket that was scanned and on the other half of my journey no one scanned my pass. 

Basically what I’m asking, as long as it’s within 1 travel day is it okay to get as many trains as you like (if other trains are missed) and the scanning of the ticket doesn’t matter. 


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You can travel as much as you like on one day, just as you say.

If you, for some reason, miss a train, you create a journey for the new train you take, connect it to your pass and create the ticket.