Train not in operation; longer route instead

  • 6 August 2021
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A couple of times now I have booked tickets for trains or journeys that simply did not exist. The first time was going from Brussels to Luxembourg City. I used a Travel Day to book a ticket for a direct, fast train the night before. Traveling by rail was meant to be less complicated and faster than bus. When I arrived at the train station in the morning, I discovered that the train did not exist and instead was sent via 4 trains and a bus on a journey that was almost 3 times as long as what I booked. Had I known, I would have saved my Travel Day for a different date and booked a direct bus instead.


Today, the same thing has occurred traveling between Munich and Zurich. This morning I went to the train station and used up my last Travel Day to book a direct, fast train. This was confirmed by station workers. After departing on the train, however, I was informed that the train is no longer direct, that my journey requires 2 connections, and thus is now longer than advertised. This means that I am going to miss an important appointment.


What recourses do we have in these cases where rail companies sell misleading tickets? Eurail’s customer service is terrible and incredibly delayed.


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All your Routes are actual affected by natural problems 


Flood in Belgium 

A mud slide for your Munich - Zürich leg :) the railplanner of Interrail/Eurail is not up to date as the apps is mostly just to check if a train is covered or not. I always can repeat use atleast one Additional railplanner besides the one of Eurail for example Scotty or DB Navigator