Travel connections in Croatia not shown on the in the Rail planner. How to show a ticket?

  • 23 September 2021
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Dear all

I would like to take the train from Zagreb to Zadar tomorrow in Croatia. I read on the Eurail webpage that there are some train connections, like this one, that do not show up in the Eurrail planner. Does one of you know how in that case I can show my (mobile) pass?

Thank you in advance!



2 replies

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Hi Iris,

to Zadar are no trains for some years already, unfortunately… you have to take a bus from Zagreb, Sibenik or maybe Knin (not sure if there are buses from Knin). Bus is not included in interrail and you need to buy a separate ticket.

In other cases, if there is really a train (on other routes) and it is not shown in the app, then you can add it manually ;-).

Safe trip

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You have to take a train in direction of Split till Knin from there goes a bus to Zadar last year ot still was a rail replacementbus and because of that covered by EURAIL :) Just add the trips manually please note that you need a reservation on the train to Knin