Travelling from London to Switzerland

I am going to Paris > London > Switzerland > Italy & intend to buy the 4 days within 1 month Global pass.

2 questions:

1. If I plan to depart London at 2200hrs on Day 1 & arrive Switzerland at 0900hrs on Day 2, will it be considered as 1 or 2 travel days?

2. Do I have to pay additional for the "transfer by public transport" during stops / change between stations?

Advice much needed!


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This will be two travel days.


It’s not included. You’ll have to pay for bus / tram. 

 Am grateful for your prompt reply! Thks.

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There is no train at 22:00 from London to mainland Europe? How would you get to France? Or you would get to the airport and from there to Switzerland?

You are right! I did a search on Eurail. There wasnt any direct train. But there are transits with changeover via public transport along the way to France.

I am quite worried about the changeover at France. Heard about the organised scam network of taxi groups. Any advice on how to get into a public transport safely?

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Paris and other large cities have extensive transport networks, I hate using taxis and rarely find any need to use them.


I have no idea what scare story you have been listening to, the internet is full of overblown nonsense.

As long as you take some care about yourself and your surroundings it is unlikely you will fall victim to anything untoward, in Paris or anywhere else.

Simple things such as haveing an idea where you are and where you need to go is essential. Google maps, citymaapper, etc are invaluable tools for being prepared and give extensive details on public transport options, a look at the website of the local operators is also a good idea so you know what to do for ticketing before you arrive.

Ahh..exactly. I hope to stay safe & enjoy what France has to offer. What will be a better choice during the changeover at France? Taxi, Grab or bus?

You should explain what you want to do. Going just from London directly to Switzerland? That's possible without using public transport or a taxi in Paris at all.

Going to somewhere else in France any other way than by Eurostar train? 

It's impossible to give any reliable advice without having any idea where in France you'll be at what time of the day and from which place to which other place you want to change. 

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Where in Europe do you start your train travel? Which cities do you plan to visit? From where do you leave Europe?

If you give details of your travel plans, like what dates you want to travel on the different routes, you will get better advice. 

Hi Hektor & Anna.

My trip was a last minute planning. Thus the rush. 

Plane booked for:

7th - Land in Paris.

18th - Depart from Italy.

In between, I ll be heading to,

10th - Depart Paris to London (London wasnt planned initially. Added as I got to know that my friend was going to be in London)

13th - London to Switzerland

16th - Switzerland to Italy.

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Which month? February?

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You should make the reservations for the Eurostar ASAP. 

There is a limited number of pass holder seats on the Eurostar between London and mainland Europe. On popular departures and during high season those sell out weeks, and sometimes months in advance.

The best place to see the availability of passholder seats and make reservations on the Eurostar is

If you don't get any result, press "later trains" and eventually you will find the next available connection. 

If you have a mobile pass you need to generate a Pass Cover Number in order to make the reservation at b-europe. You do that here in the PCN generator:

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Ah a Singy from smart fine city. Whereas I right now sit in BKK, same climate, also eat rice and mee, still with many Chinese at the tail of that Nw Yr of the rabbit. Kung hey fatt choy! or the like.

Singies are always made to fear everything, as their city is way better organised and without such crimes. After all no SBS or SMart taxiś. And yes, Paris is even much worse as JB.

Singy: a maybe better ALT for you is not that kereta api listrik, but BUS- FLIXbus. Also goes overnite from Par to LON and back (via ferry). There are also direct BUSes fro LON to the Swiss.

Trains usually give more comfort, are faster (MUCH faster these hi-speed TGV in FRance, this €* to LON is also a kind of TGV), cost more and also have for passholders that nasty thing to organise REServations for nearly all such long-distance trains. And this forum is for passsholders, so kind of prejudiced in that matter.

But really, there is NO dep. from LON @22.00 on rails toward the continent-unless you wait many hours in the dark nite, windswept, rainy, at some port. You could avoid it-by using pass to its full use, by dep earlier, to Harwich, use overntie BOAT/ferry to Hook of Holland (then pay a few € for some short metro ride, where once normal trains ran), then use train (NO RES needed even as such) via Germany to the Swiss. What a surprise: even more countries. And no Paris taxi! Best site for take you by the hand advice:

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Is there maybe a problem like with people from Australia with the website that does not work with other time zones and other calendar? Maybe @rvdborgt knows more about it

Because there is no train at 22:00 from London away. 

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Is there maybe a problem like with people from Australia with the website that does not work with other time zones and other calendar? Maybe @rvdborgt knows more about it

AFAIK the website and app will still show the correct times of the trains. The issue is more that they sometimes use the date of the location where the user is. I've seen e.g. complaints from people who could save the train they wanted to My Trip in the app, but it would then be saved for the incorrect date. Something similar is happening with selecting date of birth when ordering a pass.

I am going this Feb. I know its crazy...Phew But i have not made any booking for the inter-country travel.

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In your case I would advice to book Eurostar reservations soon. (Keep in mind that there is no train at 22:00)

You can book it via (4 EUR booking fee/booking)

or via (2 EUR booking fee/ticket)