Unable to book seat reservations Marseille-Sable

  • 3 April 2022
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Hi all, 

I’m trying to book reservations for traveling from Marseille to Sable (Or Sable-sur-Sartre) on April 24 using my Interrail Global Pass. The Interrail website shows availability in multiple trains, but when I log in it says “SEAT RESERVATIONS UNAVAILABLE” for all the trains… I also checked on and the prices are more expensive and there is a limited amount of trains (just 2! And I checked on other websites to check if places are available on that day and there are for a lot of trains!).

I will be landing in Marseille on April 19, so I guess I could go to the train station to get my ticket but I am scared that there won’t be any places left because it is peak season… Do you think it would be worth it?

Also, I have the same problem for my train from Sable to Paris, except that there is only 2 days between the time I arrive and the time I leave so I am just afraid that there won’t be any seats anymore. 

I decided to get the interrail pass because it looked as if I was saving over 100EUR on my overall trip when comparing everything (inc booking fee), but now it feels like I will be losing money with the increased cost from




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You used just the standard link of B-Europe and not the special Interrail/Eurail link of B-Europe :)

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You don't see availability on the Interrail website before you log in.

In addition, Interrail still does not handle the 20€ reservations in France (which are available after the quota-controlled 10€ reservations are sold out). That's a long-standing and very annoying issue.

You can also book TGVs via Belgian railways via this link. Pass cover number needed (request one here if you have a mobile pass) and 4€ booking fee per order (Interrail charge 2€ per person and train).

You can also book by phone via SNCF (press #85 for English) or Belgian railways. Both phone services without booking fees but with phone costs of course; the French number should be cheaper. Both will send the reservations via email.

You may be able to find TGVs with 10€ reservations if you split up the booking in Marseille - Paris and Paris - Sable. You can also use TER trains (reservation-free) between Marseille and Sable.