Will a reservarion activate a pass?

  • 9 February 2023
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Hi! So I’m traveling in mid-april to Europe and I have an Eurail pass. The thing is, I incorrectly made reservations for a train leaving on 2/26 (didn’t check the date correctly, silly me). My question is, will a ticket reservation activate my Eurail pass? Or does that incorrect reservation simply gets lost in limbo, and I continue as usual with my (now correct) train reservation for mid-April?


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No. Again-it has to be told to about any newbee here- trips as such and RES (if needed-do not forget an awful lot of trains do not need or even cannot do) are totally separate. It also sometimes means we have to explain that just the RES is not enough-one has also to activate a passday and trip one has planned to make that day!

You did not give details-it MAY be the case that this RES for 26th this month can still be changed to a date in your program. And that we here in EUR use other order of writing dates; logical: day/month/year.

Hey, McAdv! Thanks for the quick answer and the patience. Eurail is certainly new to me, but your information helped me a lot to understand better and not be worried about the RES. Thanks again!!