"Your Pass isn't valid on this date" message received when trying to book SNCF reservation for this Thursday

  • 12 June 2023
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I have a 4 day in a month pass activated this morning but bought via “My Interrail” rather than the eurail site (there was a cash back offer before Christmas). 


I’m trying to book a Strasbourg to Paris ticket for Thursday via the only website that I can do it on I think, correct me if I’m wrong,  this being


However it returns the message, “Your Pass isn't valid on this date” when searching. I’ve deleted old passes on the site and the only one pass in the “My Trips & Travellers” section is the one activated today.


Any thoughts please?



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You can also call SNCF:

Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via email.

Also note that it's not necessary to activate a pass to make reservations and that activation in advance is not a good idea in general, since you can't deactivate anymore on the pre-set start date if something unexpected happens, e.g. you wake up ill.

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Seats for domestic French trains can be booked here for a fee of 4 EUR per booking.

The fee if you book through Interrail is 2 EUR per person and train. 

If you call SNCF there us no booking fee.