Are seat reservations mandatory for Visa application?

  • 18 June 2022
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Hi everyone! I'm gonna apply for an Hungarian Schengen visa. I got an one month global pass. I'm told to present everything during the application. Flights (in and out) and accommodations are okay, they r fixed. However, I don't know how to present train reservations because I'm going to use the free trains mostly that doesn't require seat reservations. What do you do that? Is there anyone who had to apply for a visa like this?

2 replies

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Not on this forum.I think it has been told to you before-we EUR people will not know all the fine details etc for those who need visa to enter this area. That visa-office would be the very 1st one to ask.

OR-most likely there will be other forum/FB groups for people in same situation as you for fellow countrymen-google find it and ask there.

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Someone recently posted that the proof of purchase of the pass is sufficient: