Carrying bikes in trains Paris to Bergen

  • 16 May 2022
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I am planning to do some bikepacking from Bergen to Trondheim. The plan would be to go from Paris to Bergen by trains in one go (39h!) but it seems that it is not possible to take bike in every trains, especially between copenhagen and Oslo as there is (only?) high speeds train included in the global pass (7 days). And these trains seems to not accept bikes. Does anyone have information or solution on how to bring our bike to bergen? Also some website are saying that I need to book a place for my bike independently than for my interrail tickets. Does anyone have an idea of the costs of these sorts of tickets?

I was also wondering how the 7 days are counted, if one travel last 39 hours but is expanded on 3 days (let’s say leaving at 19h and arriving two days later at 10), does it count as 1, 2 or 3 days for the pass? 

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There are no direct trains between Copenhagen and Oslo. You will have to change trains at least once and there are several different companies that run the trains so you need to see which companies that run the journey that you want to use and check the rules regarding bikes for those companies.

Here are the bike rules for SJ, the biggest railway company in Sweden.