Covid requirements help - travelling from the UK to Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Hungary and France

  • 15 February 2022
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I am planning to do a 9 day trip around the above countries by train in early March. I am a little confused as to how covid requirements work as I move between countries as someone who is from the UK.

My hopeful itinerary is:
Brussels, Belgium (1 night)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (2 nights)
Germany - Berlin, Hamburg and Munich (total 3 nights)
Budapest (2 nights)
Then possibly fly from Budapest to Paris and stay there for a week before returning to the UK

Ambitious I know! But I wanted to jam as many places in as possible as I don’t have a lot of free time.

My understanding of each country’s covid entry requirements are:

Belgium - PLF form, Covid certificate and negative PCR test (72 hours before) required

Netherlands - Covid certificate and negative PCR test (48 hours before) required, I am exempt from quarantine as I have received my covid booster

Germany - Pre-departure registration and covid certificate required, I am exempt from quarantine as I am fully vaccinated so no tests are required

Hungary - No testing needed as I am fully vaccinated

France - Haven’t checked as still not sure if I will be going, but any advice on entry requirements coming from Hungary would be very useful!

I have a few questions:

  • The Netherlands’ requirement for a -ve PCR test is for people from the UK but I am not sure if this will apply to me as I will be travelling there from Belgium (i.e. not directly from UK). Would I have to take another PCR test in Brussels before I take the train to Amsterdam? i.e. do I only need to test when coming from the UK or must I test between each EU country?
  • When I travel from Germany to Hungary I will transit through Austria. There will be no stopover I will just pass through. Will I also need to comply with Austria’s requirements? 
  • I am 90% sure I am exempt from quarantine in The Netherlands and Germany but if I’m wrong or anyone knows better do let me know

In general is this route possible with covid? Sorry for so much information! I am not well-traveled and this is my first time travelling since covid started. Also my first time solo! So I am not very knowledgeable of how to travel around Europe as a UK resident and any experience/help would be great :) 

Thank you!!


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Its WAY too early now to tell for even next month. I am from NL and just yesterday eve a big relaxation for measures was announced-starting 25/2. In general just for riding TRAINs you do not really need extra test. Every country sets its own rules. The site reopeneurope can give upttodate info, but also will NOT tell what it will be over 4 weeks.

HOwever, be prepared from lax UK; expect to still have to wear masks/mouthcap all the time (in DE some special types even!) and have that magic QR-code that shows you have been vaccinated/boostered, prepare yourself if you do not have that yet. You will need it mostly for HTL/restrt, places you can hardly do without when travelling.

Hint: cheap flites from BUD-try wizzair, from 9,99 (seat only, pay extra for luggage). Much better as Ryan!


Hey! I'm travelling late March from Ireland to UK and then Eurostar from France, Belgium, Amsterdam etc. and from what I understand you’ll be working off the “travel within the EU” requirements when you go from one EU country to the next. In saying that, some places could still be quite fussy and want a test because of the places you have traveled through (eg: 3 countries in 5 days).

 As the above comment said, things are changing A LOT. Up until 2 days ago the UK passengers needed to test pre-departure to get into France, now that’s not needed at all. 

Any advice I’ve been given is to call embassy’s in the country you’re travelling to and speak to them. I would deffo recommend the Re Open EU app. It’s up to date and is quite informative! 
Hope that helps!!