Covid restriction for train travel within Spain

My husband and I are visiting Spain in a few weeks and want to travel by train between a few cities within the country. Will we need Covid tests to enter a new city each time we board a train? I know we need a test to enter the country, but once we are in Spain we will be staying in the country just moving between cities.


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Please check directly the website of the US Embassy in Spain or Spanish official websites for Information. 

But I don’t think you need a covid test to get from one city to the other. 

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You need either a test OR proof of recent enough vaccinations. Thats for enter ESpana-the airline may also pose other rules by their own.

Once youre IN ESpana, there are no more checks. Though perhaps the odd place/HTL may pose its own rules. Its also still wearing Masks in all transit

Its often a drag to wade through all these regulations-general mainstream forums like tripadvisor most often have it explained in plain /en/ aimed at ignorant visitors

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Although COVID regulations aren't as volatile anymore as they used to be, checking information on sites like is way more reliable (especially if you click through to the national websites) than opinions and past experiences on a forum like this one.