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  • 27 July 2021
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Hello, I’m travelling from Vienna to Paris. I’m going from Vienna to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Paris.
My 2 options are the following:
1) Vienna - Frankfurt 11:02 - 18:23
Frankfurt - Paris 18:56 - 22:52

2) Vienna - Frankfurt 6:37 - 14:19
Frankfurt - Paris 16:56 - 20:47

So I prefer option 1 because is more direct and only 33 minutes to change and not having to wake up so early. My question is if any one knows if with corona there are any important delays and maybe that 33 minutes are not enough to change or even to reach the train.


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3 replies

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Hey Dani,

well, option 1) is a bit risky as you are travelling in/through Germany. German trains are famous for generating huge delays. I could write a book about train delays in Germany :D

So I’d take option 2 and maybe make a stopover in Frankfurt for lunch and then some sightseeing, before taking the train at 18.56. Then no need to worry.

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The punctuality records of ICE 26 are not very good:

But I'm not sure why you would say there are only 2 options. You could also leave one hour earlier and reach Frankfurt with 1 change, normally at 17:04. Check the DB planner for more alternatives. The Interrail app is not reliable enough for planning.

@rvdborgt There are more options but with more changes. Most of the options are changing in Salzburg but maybe you have a good point I’ll check to go at 9 or something like that have time to change in Salzburg and arrive earlier to option 1 second train.