How far in advance are strikes announced?

  • 7 February 2024
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We are using Eurostar to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels, and several different TGVs to travel around France on an upcoming trip. How far in advance must strikes be announced? Is there a point where I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing a strike isn’t going to occur during our travel days?


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That depends on the country. In Belgium, strikes must be announced at least 8 days in advance. In France and the UK, it's similar (give or take a few days), in Germany, there's no deadline but it's often 48 hours in advance.

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Could you please provide more specific details about your travel dates?


Belgium: For more details regarding the strike in Belgium, you can visit the following link:


Eurostar: Additionally, if you're traveling between Belgium, France, the Netherlands, or Germany and need information about Eurostar cancellations, you can find it here:


Also, don't forget to consider the possibility of strikes;

it's sometimes a bit like playing a drawn-out lottery game.

Good luck!