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  • 9 March 2024
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I have several train journeys planned in June and July, through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech republic.

Most of the trips which include train changes, are shown on the journey planner, can I assume one ticket for these. I have had to add some manually, one especially involves 4 trains. Do I have to add each train separately, so they can be activated on the day


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There's no need to add trains manually already. The timetables for the summer aren't completely updated yet so most likely you will be able to find the trains in the Railplanner closer to the departure. 


What do you reckon, 3 months/12 weeks before?

Also if I have say 4 trains to get from Munich to Brussels, do I need to put them in the planner separately 

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Adding the train the day before your travel is enough. But at least in mid May the timetables for the summer should be available in the Railplanner. 

Personally I prefer to add each train separately in "My Trip" as I think it gives me a better overview of my travel and where/when I have to change trains. But you can have several trains in the same journey. It is up to you how you do it.


Thanks for that, I was thinking the same.