Really Confused - Just spent $388 USD for the 5 Global- not sure if I needed to.

  • 4 February 2024
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I am think I am might be really confused or doing this wrong. I purchased a 5 Day Global for one month. I have started to reserve the trips - Amsterdam to Antwerp, Brugge to Paris, Paris to Amsterdam. It looks like I could have gotten all of the tickets for $213 US by just buying them directly. 

Or, am I doing the reservation system wrong? 

So what is the benefit of the pass? 


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It always better to compare pass and regular tickets in advance, especially if you're only travelling on 3 days. You could also have bought the 4-day pass for that.

The benefit of the pass is that you're more flexible, since regular advance tickets often tie you to one specific train and may not be changeable.

Thanks, I really didn’t know this. It is painful, difference is about $400, that didn’t need to spend. I still have 3 more people to buy for, so at least I hadn’t purchased their Pass already. I’m finding the whole thing very depressing, and confusing.

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There's never a need to buy a pass. You can always buy regular tickets.

You can aks ask for a refund for the pass. You can get 85% back. If you haven't bought any reservations yet (which should be the case since you should book reservations in 1 transaction so you can sit together), then that would be your only loss.