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  • 14 January 2024
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I’m from Autralia and looking at train travel in the July 2024 period in Switzerland, Italy and France. On some routes that I’ve searched in the timetable through Italy and France (Riviera to Paris), there’s no train routes coming up. For example, Geneva to Milan shows nothing at all, even the trains that don’t need a seat reservation. Are all the reserved seat trains sold out? Maybe because of the Olympics? Is it possible to have your Eurrail pass with you and get on a train that doesn’t need a reservation on the day of travel assuming they’re running?




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3 replies

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Italian and French railways don't release their timetables a long time in advance, especially the Italians.

Additionally, the Eurail timetable is not updated very frequently, so it takes some time for the timetables to get there.

It's better to use national timetables (France: Italy: Switzerland: For International planning, use or

Italian long distance trains for the summer however probably won't appear until sometime in March and regional trains even later (end of May/beginning of June). To get an idea about timetables, just try the same day of the week next month if you don't get anything in July.

Thanks for the prompt response, that’s very helpful.

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Just want to let you know :

The railway between Domodossola and Milan is closed for 3 months this summer. Trains from Geneva will stop in Domodossola and you'll take a bus afterwards (1h-1h30 longer than usual). Details are not finalised yet.