Train travel between countries within the EU; Covid requirements.

  • 8 January 2022
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We have train tickets booked on Eurail. For April 2022.  I would like as much information as I can get about travel by train between countries. Is there border patrol and covid tests necessary every time? Is a Canadian vaccine card recognized there? Are tourists welcomed? Any information I can get will be very helpful. I feel like I have lots of questions and when I start typing I forget some so if there’s something we should know I’d be grateful to hear about it!!! 

3 replies

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It's way too early to tell what the situation will be like in April but in general, it depends on the country.

Use as a starting point for information on COVID requirements but do check again shortly before you cross a border because things can and do change with only a few days notice.

As to border patrol: within the Schengen area, there are only spot checks.

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It is probably pretty safe to assume that even by then you will need some kind of proof you have been vaccinated /boosted and not too long ago or so. This MUST be-in most cases, the EU QR-code and just a Canuck thing will not do. Check a knowledgeable general traveller forum like on tripadvisor where this very same point has been asked+answered a zillion timers already.

You do not need to worry too much about borders, but more about hotels and restaurants where they will check all the time.

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The certificate can also be required at museums, shops etc if they are open at all.