Traveling with Dog

  • 16 September 2022
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Are dogs allowed on Eurail through Greece? I have a 35# dog.

Thank you.


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5 replies

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Eurail is a ticket that gives access to many operators, they all have different regulations.


As you say your are from USA there are also regulations and procedures for bringing animals into countries.

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EUrail does not run any trains itself. Rules for this vary per country/railway, are daft easy to find with uncle google: ´take a dog on trains in X´ and as nr 1: its for USA much more imprtant to check how EU treats this when you try to get in, plus the airline.

As a very rough rule in South EUR: only small dogs, perhaps some races not allowed, maybe always in container, muzzled and with all the injections etc.-pay extra for dog-ticket-mostly remnants from earlier days when there were real dangers by disease

Thank you! I have done all protocols of vaccinations, dog passport, etc for my service animal for Travel in Europe. We are unable to fly or for him to be crated. I will Google as recommended here for each country. We are starting in Greece. 

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Hi @pupmccat 

How wonderful to travel with your fluffy friend! Normally, all the railway and ferry companies allow dogs on board. However, since it may differ, I would advise you to check the condition of each company. Dogs are required to wear muzzles on the majority of them, and there are specific areas on ferries where they are not permitted.

Have a lovely day!

Thank you! Will do!