Travelling by train with snowboards

  • 31 December 2022
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Are there restriction when travelling with a snowboard on the trains? We are taking trains through Central Europe and will be packing our snowboards along with us. Do we need to reserve additional space? 

Thank you!!

Alexis and Hayden :) 


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3 replies

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In Central Europe shouldn’t be any problem. At least not in Austria, Germany, Switzerland. Italy neither (at least had no problems there)

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In general-as there are simply no checks like at planes, one can take what one can carry by her/himself-assuming its not too oversized. BUT some countries do set rules for MAX length etc.-these vary and also in how strict they will be enforced. In typical wintersport countries like mentioned it will be quite normal to do.BUT to me it looks like an enormous drag to carry those things around in other areas-plus why should a canuck come here with that?

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No problems in Czechia either.