Bedding/sheets in Scandinavia

  • 13 March 2023
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Hi, this is my first post and we are travelling tomorrow. Eventually on this trip we plan to visit Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I have seen some places .. hostels and Airbnb … charge for sheets and towels. We are taking towels but wonder if it is necessary to take sheets? Are they expensive to hire ? We are getting very short of space in luggage! 

6 replies

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I guess that the charges for sheets vary from place to place so there is no way to answer this question. You need to check with the places where you want to stay.

Ok thanks AnnaB. 

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Renting sheets or towels in hostels is quite common. But it’s absolutely inexpensive. I wouldn’t bother to take your own sheets.

Ok thanks 

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I looked around a bit and from what I can see the prices can be around 7-12 EUR for sheets and towel so it depends if you think this is expensive or not.

Thanks … yes we are trying to keep to a budget… so have just found an old single duvet cover that I think should do and nipped out and bought another one for hubby for £6… had to take a pair of shoes out of hold-all to make do by hey ho 😂