Can I use One-Country (Switzerland) Interrail Pass on Bernina Express from Tirano to St Moritz?

  • 21 June 2024
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Hi, I plan to travel by the Bernina Express from Tirano (Italy) to St Moritz (Switzerland). I won’t use the Inerrail Pass in Italy. All travel from Tirano onwards will be within Switzerland and I will not return to Italy. Does the one-country Interrail Pass (Switzerland) cover the Bernina Express journey from Tirano to St Moritz? Or do I need to buy the Global Interrail pass? Thanks


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5 replies

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Yes, Tirano should be included. You can check on which train lines and destinations are included on the map found on this page:

Thank you very much BrendanDB. Yes, Tirano is covered by Interrail, but my question is whether I need a One Country Pass or a Global Pass - since the Bernina Express journey is within two countries, (Tirano, Italy to St Moritz, Switzerland).

If you do just go from Tirano to Switzerland it's considered to be a swiss journey that is covered with an one country pass for Switzerland. 

Here's a direct link that shows what is covered with a one country pass for Switzerland:

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The map in the link shows what's included with a One-country pass Switzerland.

Tirano is the border point, don't worry. A One-country pass is fully valid.

Other exemples: you can take the Bernina Express bus between Tirano and Lugano or even the Locarno - Domodossola - Brig route, even though these touch Italy.

Thank you both Hektor and Thibcabe - yes that answers my question and saves a few bucks as well!