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  • 12 April 2023
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Hi All,

My wife and I will activate our mobile Eurailpass when we land in Frankfurt. We plan to go from FRA to Bern that morning. I know that FRA will have wifi, but my concern is what SIM to buy for use in ITALY (we have wifi in Switzerland at our friend’s home). I would like a SIM card that I can use not only in Italy but in Germany as we will be in Germany for a month. Last year, when I was only in Germany, I used 02, but obviously I want something that will be dependable in Italy. Do you suggest getting one SIM card for Italy and then 02 when I am in Germany? 

Thank you!!

4 replies

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EU rules mean all mobile tariffs are required to include voice, text and data roaming across the EU so your existing O2 sim, if it is still active, should work across most of Europe but probably not Switzerland.

Refer to the documentation that came with it or the website of O2 in whichever country it is from.

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As above, the EU saves the day for this.

I once used up a ton of credit receiving a call from Swiss about a flight change, so beware of those charges when outside the EU.

Consider using one of the virtual carriers such as Lyca - - they tend to have very good SIM only plans.  Most of the time you can walk up to a corner shop, pick up a SIM, put (in Ireland) €15 on it once and do everything (call, text, data) for the next month all across the continent without the need to do anything else.

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Some German cards also include roaming in Switzerland under the same conditions as EU roaming. So check what's available.


Thanks for the info!