How early should I add 'my trip'

  • 23 July 2023
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  1. How early should I add ‘my trip’ route on the Rail Planner app?
    For instance, suppose I arrive at Colmar and spent some time there, and then incidentally decide to leave to Switzerland with the train which is supposed to leave soon (like 5-10 minutes). Is it okay to add the train on ‘my trip’ on the Rail Planner app and use it? 
  2. In case I arrive in Milano at 11:40am, and would like to transfer a train to Venezia, is it okay to make seat reservation when I arrive in Milano on the day? If my condition is good, then I would visit Milano four 3-4 hours, and then ride a train to Venezia. However, if my co-travellers do not feel like visiting Milano and transfer directly to Venezia, can I make seat reservation and ride the train on the spot? It is going to be on 9, Aug. 

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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It’s not even posssible to do so, it’s the way it should be done on a route where there’s a train most of the dqy every 30 minutes (why waiting for a pre-booked train?). You may add a train even when you are boarding it. 



In Italy, it’s possible to book that way even last minute. There may just be a waiting time at the counter (if you’d like to buy it from a real person) or there’s a rsik that the next train is already full. But for Milano to Venezia there are many options. You may also book on the run for immediate departures with Tickets & Services ( without a fee.​​