How to add a trip to electonic pass for a FEVE- trip in Spain?

  • 8 April 2023
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The official in Santander FEVE railway station said that we can go into the train if we have Interrail pass, but How can we add a trip to our e-pass while the train we want to go with does not show in Planner of the e-pass? Do we need to add it or just go to the train?


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You'll have to add the trains manually to have a valid ticket.

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On the day you want to travel, go to the ticket office and show the staff your valid and active mobile Passes on your phones.

They should then give you a ticket like in the image below, which will allow you to pass through the barriers.

As mentioned, because the route isn't recognised in the app, you need to create a manual entry for the journey itself. Type some random letters into the planner until it gives you the option to 'add your journey manually' and then put it in. Though when I did this nobody actually checked, they just wanted to see the Pass was active and we had the ticket. 

Thank you very much for your valuable answers! In Santander station the clerk did was not very helpful in the first place- he just maintained that we can go into the train with valid pass, but that was not true. We needed to have the ticket as show’n in JHDs post above. The clerk apologized and issues the ticket and we got in. Thanks