Senior Greek Ferry Pass Enquiry

  • 26 February 2024
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Hi, I hope someone can help. I am buying an Interrail Greek Ferry Pass along with my Interrail Global Pass and in looking at how to book an international ferry to Greece I tried to book as a senior as I am 60 and that is the pass I have. On the island hopping it is fine as the checkbox is 11-99 but when I book the international leg of the journey it will not let me use my pass unless I check the 26-59 age group. I think you get a reduction as a senior over 60 anyway so this might be the reason. But I want to know if it is OK to check the 26-59 years box so I can use my pass even though I am 60. I don’t want to buy it and then find out I cannot use it on the international leg. Hope this makes sense and Thanks. 


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You didn’t mention where "it” is, but I'm guessing it's, where they still haven't fixed their booking page. This has been going on for at least 2 years now :/

You should be able to book on with the correct age.

Yes, that worked. Great! Thank you for your help.