Simple question about starting from zero from the most clueless newbie possible

  • 11 February 2023
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Wife wants to travel by train from Paris to London on Thursday, 20th of April. I go to the Eurail and other site’s pages, a train schedule she wants is available.

When I try to buy a ticket, it says it wants either a  Paper Pass number or some other type of information she does not have. 

What is the first step she must do to begin the process of buying a train ticket from Paris to London? 

Thank you in advance,

Robert for Tania


Best answer by Hektor 11 February 2023, 19:27

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5 replies

You are totally wrong. This is for rail pass holders.

If your wife just wants to go from Paris to London, simply buy her ticket here: Book Europe Train Tickets and Holidays

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Do you guys plan a longer European trip, visiting multiple countries? 

An Eurail/Interrail pass is only worthwhile if you take a bit of a longer journey, with multiple trains over multiple days, weeks or months.

If you just plan a city break in Paris, from London and nothing else, just buy ordinary Eurostar tickets. Like @Hektor said,and kindly provided you the link. 

Thanks for your help! We were clueless newbies.  Now we have one clue!

Best wishes!

Thanks to everyone for the help and attention! 

Eurostar was what we needed.  Bought the tickets several days ago.

Robert ( for Tania )

Glad you did find the correct way to book.