Can I exchange my 15 day in 2 month pass for 50% discounted continuous pass?


I’m just wondering if I got a refund on my 2 month continuous pass which I bought a few months back, and then bought the 50% off one so I would save over £200, if this is possible?

Secondly, can you exchange a 15 day pass in two months for the discounted 50% continuous pass?



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Depends under which conditions you bought the pass monthes back. Was it a promotional pass? as these are usually like the current ones not refundable. 

It was a promotional pass but the interailing website states “promotional passes purchased from 1 march - 31st march are refundable and exchangeable”, and I bought it in march. So was just wondering if I returned it, if I could buy the same one again but with 50% off?

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DO double check if there is ALSO a FINAL date on which this refund had to be claimed. It may very well be that this should also be done In March.

If not-well then to me its abundantly clear you can refund + wait a rather long time on the money actually to come back!!- and buy new one-today last day for discount.

Thanks for the advice. I have found out that I can exchange my current pass for the 50% off pass, but I don’t know how to exchange the pass.

Any help would be appreciated as the sale ends today.