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  • 5 August 2022
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Hi everyone! I have a very URGENT question that needs to be answered ASAP, please 🙂. I changed my travel plans from today to Sunday. I changed my seats, but I forgot to change my outbound day, which is today... I would still like to travel this Sunday, and I am ok with four travelling days instead of five. But I understood that you can only leave your country once. Does anyone know what I can do now?

I already tried the customer service through the chat and twitter, but no answers… and I am pretty desperate as it this question is about today...


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7 replies

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Have you entered any journey for today to your Trip already? Have you in that case connected that journey to your pass?

Hey Anna,

I saved a journey, but I don’t remember of I added it. I think so! In a panick I tried to remove everything, so I am not sure. It was a journey for this morning. 

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Can you post a screen shot of your Trip? Please remove all personal information. 


Thank you, Anna!

It is fixed through Customer service ❤️

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For any travelers who might be going through the same thing: You can cancel a travel day at any time before the start of that day (that is, until 23.59 of the night before the selected date). Select the Pass in My Pass and tap “cancel travel day”. You can set a new travel day by adding a journey on the desired date to your Pass or using a new travel day via My Trip.
If you use a travel day before your planned start date, that will be set as your first travel day and the overall validity period on your Pass will be adjusted accordingly. Once the travel day has already started, it cannot be undone or deleted. Please contact customer service with screen shots of your My Trip section and pass number so that we can help you accordingly.