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  • 20 May 2022
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Hi, we bought the 7 travel days in one month pass but we realize we only need the 5 travel days pass. If we do an exchange by paying the 30 euros fees, are we getting the refund for the 7 travel days in one month and we only need to pay the 5 travel days in one month pass price? 


Thank you for your help


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Toss a coin-maybe yes/no. Even though there is some promised term in which paybacks should be done, this is most often much later. These things do not have highest priority for them when there are floods of other urgent requests.

But frankly: after the admin. fee the difference between the cost of 7 and 5 seems so small to me, I rather plan a few extra trips-day excursions from places you stay are also quite possible.

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That's correct, if you wish to exchange your passes, you will have to purchase new passes, get in touch with our customer service team with both old and new order numbers. We will then refund the original order, minus the €15 processing fee per pass. Please note that only inactive and valid passes are eligible for exchange. We do try to process each request as soon as possible :)