How long will it take to exchange my pass?

  • 15 June 2022
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Dear Community, a wonderful member of the community help me realise that I took the wrong pass. how long will it takes me to change my OneCountry pass to a Global one ?

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2 replies

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Dont know if this is possible at all. Check yourself-it will pop up when buying. Normal procedure is to first buy new pass to your new wishes, pay, then cancel old one (with some form or whatever), and wait+wait+wait to get refund, less fee of 15€-if possible at all. 1country is hardly ever discounted so there are probably not the more restrictive rules on discount passes.

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Here are the instructions for how to exchange a pass. If you look at the invoice for your one country pass there should be information if the pass is exchangeable.

This is a link to the form you need to fill in: