I can’t understand the mobile app

I have a Masters degree but I am really struggling to work out how to use the online app for my mobile pass. It doesn’t seem intuitive at all. What is the difference between a trip and a journey, for example? How do I add journeys/trips to my pass? Why do I need to duplicate trips to add them for my family? I thought I had added the first day and I can see the tickets there but today I am getting repeated notifications telling me my first travel day is tomorrow but I haven’t added any journeys. I don’t understand. As we leave in the morning I’m worried we’ll be getting on the train without a valid ticket. Is there some clear information somewhere or someone who can help, please? I really wish I’d just bought a paper pass, good old fashioned paper and pen I understand. 🙁Thank you!


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Same experience here, resulting in a non-functioning pass during the trip….


Good luck to you. To everybody else: buy the paper-pass!



Thanks for replying, @RemkoBak, but oh dear that has only served to make me even more worried. I’m traveling with my whole family (3 small kids!) so it’s going to be a real nightmare if our passes don’t work tomorrow. How did you solve it? As I say, I’m very confused because I thought I had finally got it working and can open the tickets in the pass and see the QR codes, but I’m receiving notification after notification telling me I haven’t added any journeys for traveling tomorrow and need to set it up, but I have no idea how. I wish there was a customer service that one could reach. Maybe I can switch to paper passes and get them sent out along our journey, crossing fingers that we can at least make it that far! 

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It is happening right now to my daughter at the moment who is still on het trip, but kinda stuck as in the meanwhile the whole pass has disappeared from her device. The helpdesk says it needs about 4 days to respond, not really helpfull and by that time she has to be on the move again. 

She had the samne problem you are having, journeys dissapearing from her device... the only thing that worked was restarting the app or even her phone. Not so relaxed when there is somebody next to you eager to check your tickets. I really hope it will all word out for you! wishing you relaxed travels.

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Hi Clare! In the Eurail app, you go to the "My Trip" section. There you click the + button and then select "Connect a Pass to this trip". You have now connected a trip to your pass. Next, plan your trains in the "Planner" section. When you have found your desired connection, then select "Save journey" and select the trip you had just created. Do this every time you ride new trains, and you're good to go! 

You can find your digital pass in the "My Pass" section.

Thanks for the help, both of you. Happy to say we are on the go and the pass has worked. The customer service wrote to me last night. It seems the repeated notifications saying I hadn’t added any journeys was a bug. I still can’t quite get the app to work as I think it should, when I create a trip and click the plus, it doesn’t give me the option to add to a pass. Not sure why. However, if I search for a route in the planner and then save the journey I can add it to the trip and the pass that way, so this seems to be a workaround. 

One thing to note, when we got on the train and the inspector came to check the tickets, at first it looked as if they had disappeared! There were no passes showing under My Pass. I think the glitch was that I had a VPN turned on. When I turned it off, the passes reloaded.

As a back up in case the mobile pass doesn’t work, we are taking screen shots of the QR code tickets so at least we can access those quickly. Haven’t tried this yet, but presumably it would work. 

I still have the feeling that pen and paper might have been simpler, but hey ho! At least we are on our way. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly from here on! 

Happy travels, everyone!

Hello Mattheas

I got the same problem as Clare and am in a similar rush as I will be travelling in a few hours. If I follow your instructions above

» go to the "My Trip" section. There you click the + button and then select "Connect a Pass to this trip". «

I only get an option to add a Paper Pass but not the Mobile Pass I got registered and visible under MyPass. I managed to make this work just fine a few days ago for my first travel day but everything I tried for the second day now failed. I simply don't get an option to connect a trip to the travel day as I did previously.


I could do with an answer URGENTLY !

If I’ve already bought my reservation and have e-tickets with seat numbers, do I have to go to the Planner section and plan our trains by searching for our route (I feel I’ve already done this on  Eurail online when purchasing the reservation)?

Also, when I experimented with the app just for my pass (not my whole families). I went into the planner found my train route, saved the journey.  When I go to My Trip I now see that journey I added but it states a “seat reservation is needed”in red letters which I already have purchased and it is not showing my seat number.  This is confusing to me am I ok with just showing our printed e-ticket at that point?   Also, I noticed the train number showing on the App under the journey is different than that printed on the e-ticket.  I’ve double checked I selected the correct route) is this something I should be concerned about?  Which is the most accurate and what we should be looking for when we arrive at the train station? 

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Yes you have to log your jounrey in the app once more as the Reservation system is not connected with your app :)

The Railplanner of Eurail is not always correct especially in these times  with daily chaning timetables due new or lifted restrictions across Europe. The E-Reservation is only valid for the train that is written on it :) So maybe check with a local railplanner of the operating traincompany (most accurate) when the train is starting :) (You could trust the reservation more than the railplanner app :) )

Usually the trains are showed with their Final Destination and the Trainnumber on the depature board :) In few countries like Germany,Austria,Netherlands they have a “fixed platform for a train over the year” (changes due faults and problems still possible)  in other countries it works like on the airport the platform will be then showed usually 15-20 minutes before depature :)

Thank you for clarifying, very helpful.