I cannot add a pass I just bought to the app!!! : I wanted to use it tomorrow :-(

  • 17 November 2023
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thanks for any help
I am stuck ith a pass I just bought, which for some reason cannot be added to the app
I get the message “tour information does not match when I enter my name and the pass number

of course I checked  and retried many mny times
any help is welcome, I wanted to depart tomorrow!!



Best answer by Gilles Privat 17 November 2023, 22:00

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4 replies

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If you've just bought the pass it can take a little while before it works.

Double-check what's written on the confirmation email too.

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Are you sure that there aren't any blank spaces in your name in the confirmation email?

Are you enterring the correct Interrail/Eurail pass number?

Do you have any special characters in your name? 

it turns out one has to input only one’s last name instead of first name+ last name?

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Yes only the last name. At least in the English version it clearly says last name but if you use the French one it might be more confusing…

Glad it worked. Enjoy your trip ! Feel free to reach to us if you need help regarding seat reservations, etc.