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  • 14 October 2022
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I will go on a trip to Switzerland next year with my Scouts group, and I’m thinking about buying the Interrail One Country for this trip. But I have two questions:


• Is the Bernina Express included in the pass?


• In the SBB (swiss trains) site I can buy a ticket from Milan to Campione d’Italia (an italian enclave in Switzerland). In Trenitalia, however, I cannot. My question is: the trip from Milan to Campione d’Italia is included in the pass? Since it goes through tão countries (Switzerland and Italy).


Thanks in advance! 


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Campione is Italian but there is no railway line to this place and you can get there only by swiss busses (not included in the Interrail Pass), you can buy Swiss Travel instead where all public transport is included or a ticket (expensive because switzerland), or you use italian busses from Como, but not included in Iterrail, because only trains included.

Interrail One Country Italy is only valid in Italy to the border stations like Chiasso (CH).

Interrail One Country Switzerland is valid in Switzerland and Bernina railway to Tirano (Italy), Domodossola (Italy) and also like Domodossola-Locarno. Bernina Express is included but needs a reservation (except for the first carriage at the top), you can also use frequent local trains on the same line instead, they are less full of tourists.

Interrail Global Pass is valid in 33 countries including Italy or Switzerland.

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DO indeed look/find out about the Swiss Travel Pass-likely more suitable for you-and there may even be some kind of junior/group discount if buying in bulk. It includes nearly all transit (except those steep lines going up the mountains where noone really lives) and also museums/other attractions.

However, in the Swiss most YH=hostels (run by the Tourist Society) will offer free tickets for local transit, so that could perhaps be covered. Camping places etc will not. DO note that Swiss really is extremely expensive!!! now for those from the EU.