Mobile Pass with Child as Lead Participant

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi Friends,

I was issued mobile pass with child as lead participant. Will this be an issue while travelling ? Do I need get this corrected before travel ? If so, how do I do that ?

Thank you



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4 replies

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I don’t really see an issue here. It’s probably the first name that was typed in when ordering the pass?

Everyone, child, youth, adult or senior, needs to have an valid travel pass when you’re travelling.

But! That pass needs to correspond to your information (name, passport number...) of course. If you’re entitled to an adult pass, you obviously cannot use a childs, youth or senior pass! You just send the appropriate pass booking details to the person needing it, before doing the rest of the configuration.

But there’s no “lead” pass when you’re using it. Everyone takes care of his/her mobile pass and needs to fill out the travel details as intended.

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And a child's pass has to be activated on the same device as an adult pass and they need to travel together.

Didn’t find any space to submit passport number. It took name, residence, gender and date of birth information. All these looks good, except for the lead participant name as my Kid’s name. But when I loaded into rail planner, there is nothing like lead. Thank you.


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The app will ask for a passport or ID card number when you activate a pass. But there's no need to do that before your start date.