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  • 2 June 2022
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Hello. I just had an absolutely terrible experience using Rail Europe. I purchased a ticket about two months back and have the app where the confirmation email says my tickets are. I clicked view ticket on the app and no QR code appears for the conductor to scan. The conductor would not accept my ticket without this code even though I paid for the ticket. She charged me for another ticket that was much more expensive and was very rude to me about not having the QR code for her to scan. Rail Europe can you help me with this? I need to be refunded as I already purchased the ticket with you guys. 


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Rail Europe is not here. Did you buy your pass from them?

  1. App version should be 23.3.0. If not, please update your app and try again. Can you show the ticket with that version?
  2. Could you show a ticket on earlier travel days or was this your first travel day?
  3. Do you have iOS or Android? Which OS version?
  4. If you still have a problem, try restarting the app. That sometimes works.
  5. If you still have a problem, enable error logging under More > Settings (scroll to the bottom). That won't solve th problem but will help support.
  6. If you still have a problem, contact customer support and give them all details.
  7. Also ask customer support for a refund of your extra costs. Keep all evidence.

You can always show the page in My Pass to show that you have a valid pass. With a flexipass, select the correct travel day to show it has been activated.