Non-national resident of UK, do I need a interrail or Eurail Pass?

  • 5 July 2023
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Hi all, 

I am planning to Intrerrail for a month in Europe and I have few questions that has kept me confused therefore coming to you for help. 

I am a Non-national resident of UK, have been granted a refugee status in the UK and have travel document. I am planning to go to Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Only Austria that I need visa for. 

My questions are: 

  1. Should I get a Interail or Eurail pass as a resident of UK? 
  2. Does UK still count as Europe for Interail? If not, will Global pass give me access to travel from London to Europe and then back? 
  3. If you have a travel document and have visited to these countries, please feel free to share your experience with the interail etc. 

Looking forward to hear and thanks so much in advance! 


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  1. If you live in Europe = interrail. As a resident of the UK, you’ll need to opt for an interrail pass. Geographical Europe counts, not the EU.
  2. Yes, on two travel days of an Interrail global pass, you can travel in your country of residence.
  3. No experience in that, as a resident of a EU-country. Best ask at the foreign office and or embassies of the countries you’ll pass through. My guess you’ll need a Schengen visa (which will be good for all your intended destinations).