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  • 24 May 2023
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Some questions about generating the ticket .  I have added my journeys to the app. I understand I need to toggle the slider to the right of the journey when the time comes to create a ticket.  I won’t do this until nearer the time of my journey as it is advised that if things change at the last minute the travel day would be lost.   This does make me a little nervous, as I would rather have my tickets all ready in advance of travel especially as it is a Eurostar train early morning on which expensive seat reservations are booked, and I don’t want to miss it if there are any problems with the app that I’ve never used before.  In this case, when do you recommend I create the ticket?  


As this is the first day of my travels I will be a leaving my home country. If for some reason i had to change my travel plans and travel a day later, but I had created tickets in advance, would the in/out day be lost or is is just a travel day that is lost? (As I won’t be using all 4 of my travel days, it would not matter if  did lose a day, however I don’t want to lose an in/out day as that would mean i’d have to pay full ticket price on the Eurostar to go or leave the UK- far from desirable given the huge amount I’ve already spent on tickets and reservations)


If I have a couple of journeys on the same day, does each journey have a separate ticket created?  This means I have to toggle the dial for each journey separately?  Should I do these all at the same time before my first train?  OR is only one ticket created for all journeys I am taking that day- so i’d have one QR code for all journeys that day?  

If i have planned to take a train and added a journey and created a ticket for that train, but then find that I have enough time to take an earlier connection, can I just create a new ticket for the earlier train? (in essence, if I want to take a different train but have already created a ticket for another one, how do i change it)?

(I guess the answer here will in part depend on the answer to the previous question about if there is a ticket for each journey or a single ticket covering all connections). I’m hoping there is a separate ticket for each journey that way, i could get an earlier train if I wanted to.)  If it is one single QR code, can I add another journey later?


For example I will arrive back into London on the eurostar and wish to get straight onto an Edinburgh train.  I have a booked seat on the LNER 6.30 train but I might make it on the 5.30.  So, can i just create a ticket on the spot and get on the 5.30?  

I hope these questions make some sense!  Many thanks from a nervous traveller.



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Hi @Kbelle 

A lot of questions, let me answer:

  • A travel day cannot be de-activated on the day you intended to use it (and onwards). So if you e.g. activated it some days in advance like today, and you want to travel on the 1st of june, but you end up ill the day you want to leave, the travel day is lost. But as long is you didn’t reach that specific date, it’s possible to de-activate travel days. So you can test in advance if everything works fine. Just DON’T FORGET to de-activate it after your test of course, once the day is reached impossible to get them back :) The app works usually fine, so no stress needed.
  • Again, you can de-activate your ticket/travel day before the day (0:00 CET) you intend to use. So often there’s no harm done. You can still de-activate it. (By untapping your journey, and selecting the active day and de-activating it)
  • The app creates a QR-code for one day. Each journey you take needs to be registered. A lot of ticket inspectors check this. So yes, each train or journey needs to be registered.
  • If you change plans along the way, just untap journey A, add journey B and tap the ledger. Voilà, good to take the earlier/later train. Takes a couple of seconds :)
  • Absolutely no problem to take a later, or earlier train (as long it has no mandatory reservations of course) as long as you register it.
  • No stress needed, it seems a bit complicated at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a very flexible and relaxed way to travel.

Edit: Note that the information in the app is not always up to date. Always rely on the planners of the railway companies themselves (or national planners). When in doubt always trust the information of the railway company, not the Rail Planner app.

In Europe Deutsche Bahn has correct information for most trains in the continent (but not always real time information about delays): check or the DB - navigator app. Should train information differ, you can always add a journey manually.

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Additionally, any inbound/outbound journey linked to a travel day cannot be cancelled either once the validity has started.