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  • 2 August 2022
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I want to travel on August 15 from Bologna to Paris. I looked on the Interrail website and it showed me two legs:

Bologna-Torino and Torino - Paris

It advised me I needed seat reservations on both legs, which I purchased as advised. 

However, when I added the journey to my Rail lanner app, it said that Torino-Paris is ‘Not in the Pass network’.

So I have a seat reservation but the app says the trip is not valid.

Do I have a problem?


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Maybe-as so often without all the facts impossible to tell.

There were-with a very pricey supplmt for passes-trains by SNCF. The highest suppmt in fact for all passes/trips for daytime trains/just seat

Since a few monthes there are competing and NON pass taking trains by TrenItalia. In promotional times their fare might even be lower as the suplmt alone.

IF you had been a little wiser and asked before we could also have explained the far less costly-and more scenic-route via Swiss-though it takes some time longer.

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On the Route Milan-Turin-Paris there are two train companies that run trains. 

TGV of SNCF about 35€ reservation in second class

Frecciarossa of Trenitalia, accepts Interrail only in Italy and currently not in France. 

Thanks mcadv, it’s my first inter-rail and first time I have used the community.

Thanks Angelo, appreciated.