urgent: wrong travel days

I sent a message almost 2 days ago to customer support with no answer.  My app is showing  that I have completed two travel days on April/25th and I have only one travel on that day.  I need the day I paid for for my last portion of the trip.

Customer support is not giving a prompt service.


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Did you mention you are currently travelling? That's an important factor in determining urgency.

"two travel days on April/25th” - used two travel days on one day? That sounds like a bug.

  1. Could you post a screenshot where you can see that 2 travel days were used on 1 day?
  2. Check if there's an app update. If so, install it and check again.
  3. Do you have Android or iPhone? If iPhone, which iOS version?

Yes I did mentioned that I was traveling and urgent.

  1. Screenshots attached.  Day 2 and Day 3 says April/25th gone.  One is real
  2. I will check
  3. iPhone iOS15.4.1


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That sure does look like a bug. It should never be possible to use more than one travel day on any date.

By the way, it is generally not a good idea to activate travel days in advance, as you seem to have done. Since if you change plans and forget to cancel a travel day, then you loose it.

I suggest for now to cancel travel day 5 and 4 (select it and tap on Cancel travel day).

And then customer service should cancel travel day 3. Or add a new one.

@Nanja, customer service i really needed here. And again, it's a problem in the iPhone app.

Tks for your very good reply.  The problem is I am traveling tomorrow if I cancel day I will not be able to travel 

Anymore suggestions 

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OK, then you'll probably have to use travel day 4. As far as I know, customer service can add a travel day if needed. I hope they can do that before you need it.

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Adding @Leo, since Nanja is not in the office.

I am still waiting for support to contact me.  Is this the kind of support a customer deserve in an urgent matter.  I will be using my last travel day on Saturday and then what..?

I really would appreciate someone to contact me ASAP to resolve

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@Marion @Leo help needed here. The app took an unjustified, empty, extra travel day.

I am still waiting several days with no response . My wife pass under same situation

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@Marion 2 people have lost a travel day on 25 April due to a bug in the iPhone app. Can customer service please add a travel day or undo the activation?

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@Felipe.iturrieta  @Leo@Marion 

Urgent response from Customer Service needed.

Guys, customer support is not replying at all to us.  Time is running out.  if I can not used my last paid day I have to buy my missing journey separately 

will I get a refund ?

What do you recommend?  Send another email 

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When do you need it?

In any case, if you can't use your last travel day because of this bug, then Eurail will have to refund any extra expenses.

I hope they do.  They haven’t replied so far.  Looks like a ghost company to me

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Can you show the ticket inspector that there are two travel days with the same date?

If you are deciding to travel, i think it would be a good idea to tell Interrail in an e-mail when you’re using your last travel day. And that you will continuing travelling, and will be claiming any extra expenses, as they were not able to find a solution before that day.

Sebastian very good idea.  As soon as I have the chance I will do that

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Hello jctermo. I am very sorry it took us this long to get back to you (we're currently handling an astounding amount of requests). I have replied to your e-mail, and added the missing travel day to your Pass. I hope it was done in time for you to travel with the Pass! 


I see it on mine.  But my wife is still on 5 days



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Hi jctermo. Thanks for sending her Pass number, I added the extra day to her Pass as well! 

Perfect we are all set .  Got to manage to have more people handling support cases.  This took to be resolved almost a week.  Totally unacceptable 


tks anyway

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Yes, we are, of course, aware of how dire the situation is, especially with the first ‘post-COVID’ summer being around the corner and the number of travellers expected to be extremely high. We have been working on increasing capacity, and have had many new colleagues join us in the past few weeks. Hopefully we'll soon be back to providing quick assistance to our customers. Once again, we extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and wish you an excellent end to your trip!