Use of 'Pass network only' feature in Rail Planner app

  • 29 March 2024
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Could you please help understand the use of ‘pass network only’ feature in rail planner app.

case A: I was searching Direct trains from Paris to Amsterdam for 20.05.2024 and with ‘pass network only’ disabled, I can see EUR 9315 at 08.25 from Paris reaching Amsterdam at 11.44. But when ‘pass network only’ enabled, app doesn't show the train!

case B: I then tried putting off Direct filter and can see EUR 9315 from Paris (at 08.25 )  to Bruxelles (9.47) → change in train → IC 9231 from Bruxelles (10.44) to Amsterdam central (13:32)


Does that mean I cannot use above direct train as in case A with EUrail/interrail pass?




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Answer : don't use Rail Planner for planning. It's unreliable and shows wrong info.

Use DB Navigator app for example -> connected to the European database.

Your pass is valid on Eurostar trains, however reservations are required (32€) and there is a passholder quota. Book as soon as possible

There are ways to save money but it will take longer. Possible to be more flexible that way too.

Thanks for reply @thibcabe . So I can sit in same Eurostar (EUR 9315 ) all the way from Paris to Amsterdam with Interail/Eurail pass (with seat reservation, offcourse !) ?

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Yes. Eurostar is included in Interrail but it has only a quota for pass travelers that can sell out soon.

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Hi @Trip2EU 

I see that this was indeed a bug. It's already fixed in the App. 

Have a nice day!