Validity of flash sale 3 month pass?

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Deutsche Bahn writes: The "Interrail Global Pass Special Promotion" tickets are valid for the first day of validity in the period from May 6th, 2022 to April 9th, 2023 issued. 

Does this mean a 3 month pass can be bought now and then be used from April 9th to July 8th?



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Yes. 😊

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NOte that IN Bahnhoefe In DE DB sells mostly papier paesse-then you will NOW need to state first start date already. I dk if DB has gone so extremely advanced they can also sell mobile passes now (then you can determine start date)-note that 9-10/4/23 is just around Easter.

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DB had implemented it incorrectly:

  1. The latest possible start date should have been 10.4.2023 (= 11 months after the planned last day of the offer).
  2. In reality, DB had programmed 5.4.2023 as the latest possible start date AND also as the latest possible end date. If you bought from DB a paper Interrail with start date 5.4.2023, then the validity period was 1 day (!), for 1-, 2- and 3-month passes.

There were multiple discussions about this on DSO.