What if I don't have internet on the train? Can I still show my ticket with a mobile pass?

  • 26 May 2022
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I want to order an interrail mobile pass but I had some issues with my 4G when I was abroad in the past. Actually, it didn’t work in several countries. I got in contact with the provider and I got some tips, but I can only test it once I am travelling...


So, I would like to know, if I buy a mobile pass and make reservations with the app, can I show the pass in the app when I’m offline? Or do I get a confirmation through e-mail that I can download in advance and show the train conductor?

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Please read the FAQ about the mobile pass. 

Mobile Pass Frequently Asked Questions (


Your mobile Pass is periodically checked against our system to ensure its validity and prevent fraud, which means that you need to be online at least once every 3 days.


We’ll send you a notification 24 hours before your 3 days are up so you can find an internet connection. If you are on a train, there may be on-board Wi-Fi that you can use. The app does not update in the background, so you’ll need to open the app when you find a connection so we can check your Pass.


If you haven’t been online in more than 3 days, your mobile Pass will be considered inactive and you will not be able to use your Pass until you connect to the internet and open the app. 


the Reservation will not come in the app, but they will send you via email as a PDF, most of the time you can show it on the phone, sometimes print them or also like TGV/AVE France-Barcelona they come with postal mail at home. 

Please try to book only essential things at, because it doesn’t work well. Many reservations you can buy online (search here in the forum about Tips or ask here), many reservations can be done at SNCB/NMBS ticket offices or other like DB, ÖBB or SBB CFF FFS. 

Hello Angelo,


Thank you for your answer. It is really difficult to find good train connections as I want to leave within 10 days and all the tgv’s seem to be full. 

I called with nmbs international but did’t get any wiser accept for the fact that they told me they are not able to book tickets from Belgium to Spain anymore. Or to print at least. Which means I have two options, buying my ticket in the station in France on the day I am travelling which seems to me like a big risk  that there will be no place available + I have only 35 minutes to transbord… 

Or they send it with the post? But when do I get it then and what if it doesn’t arrive in time…?

Is it possible to book tickets with the interrailpas directly on the SNCF site? And how do I do that? How do I get the discount. Maybe then I get an é-ticket? Or not? Is it not possible at all?

Or maybe more general, how do I use my interrail pass on other websites to make reservations. Do I have to put in my pass code somewhere or how does that work. 

I read through a lot of the FAQ, but couldn’t find a clear answer yet.






I will be using my Eurail mobile pass. I have done the necessary reservations and I have the print outs for reservations. However, I will be travelling mainly in Switzerland and there are many legs for which the reservation is not required, as I understand. At the same time my internet connection is not stable. In that case how do I show that I am using a day of the Eurail pass while travelling (for example travel from Interlaken to Luzern on 23rd Oct and Luzern to Geneva on 24th Oct that do not need any reservation). 

Please help. Thanks very much.

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Reservations within Switzerland and indeed not necessary and IMO a waste of money, except for the few panoramic expresses.

Regardless of any reservations, you always have to add the trains you use to My Trip and then to My Pass:

You will need internet:

  • To activate your pass
  • To add the first journey of the day (activate a travel day if you have a flexipass) and generate a barcode for that day
  • At least every 72 hours

You don't need internet:

  • To show the barcode (= your ticket)
  • To add additional journeys to an active travel day

However, it can take a lot of time (several minutes) to show the barcode without internet, or with a bad/unstable connection. In that case, activate flight mode and it will be much faster.

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just for adding the first train of a day you need a connection :) after that you dont need it anymore just put in Flightmode and the App will show the QR Code :) even when you have no connection :)