Munich to Paris. Advice on this route?

  • 17 April 2022
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Hello, my wife and I will be traveling throughout Europe this year for about a month. One area we are having trouble with is the route from Munich to Paris. We have a Eurail pass and the planner app but we are having trouble finding a good route to add to our itinerary and it is making it difficult to plan out. July 10th is when we plan to set out to Paris, does anyone have advice on this route? What trains to take? Is there any additional costs we need to plan for? (Reservations/high speed/night trains etc.) 

Any info would be helpful! 

3 replies

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There is 1 direct TGV per day, departure at 6.46 am. 

13 euros cost, 2nd class, per person.


The cheapest is to travel with domestic trains in Germany across the border with France, Strasbourg, and from there with a domestic TGV to Paris.10 euros per person, 2nd and 1st class.


You can easily check hours yourself via the various planners of, OEBB, SBB, DB BAHN


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This 13 is incorrect-its over 30 for DIREct TGV. As Sven correctly states, you can save and do not have to leave that early bu sinply using later trains and changing. INside DE=germany there is only OPtional REServ, IN FRance for TGV its 10 if lucky or 20 if not extra to pay

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This 13 is incorrect-its over 30 for DIREct TGV.

13€ (+2€ booking fee if bought via Eurail) is correct. Or 16€ from DB.