Slovenia to Thessaloniki, why can’t I find trains in former Yugoslavia?

I have an interrail global pass and from this part of the trip, I have to go from Slovenia to Thessaloniki. I am super flexible. I am basically looking for the cheap and awesome. My plan was  passing through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and end up in Greece but I don’t seem to find train connections there (I am starting to wonder why..).

Interrail says that there are trains in those countries. I read somewhere that I have to do so through that country rail company. Other say it is better by bus (I prefer things that are included in the global pass as I already paid for it, but maybe that is the solution). My worry is that I cannot find anything because there is no train or that I go somewhere and moving from there to the next country is not possible by train.


Does someone has a good suggestion? 


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Becse there are NO trains over borders HR-Serbije NOR Serbije-Maced NOR Maced-GR.

Both covid and no maintenance to rails in old Yugoslavija have to do with that. There remain a very few local trains IN these countries, but it makes no sense to bridge gaps-thats for die-hard railfans.

IF you want to ride over rails (think again) then the route longest over it is Via Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria-then gap from border BG/GR till 1st stop of trains in GR-then onward.

Also check for current best info and very pro-trains on how to do it .

I did a similar trip a few years back. From Zagreb to Split by train, Split-Mostar by bus, Mostar-Sarajevo by train (beautiful), Sarajevo-Bar by bus, Bar-Belgrade by train (also beautiful). The bus are actually quite cheap in the region so I think it worths it.