Are IC60402 and NJ402 the same train? (zurich-amsterdam)

  • 31 May 2022
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On 25 June I'll take the train from Zurich HB to Amsterdam Centraal, at 20:15. 

I've purchased the seat reservation on the DB website, and on the pdf file I've received it says that my train is called "IC60402" and it will arrive at 9:20am on 26 june. 


The DB navigator app shows "ic60402 / nj402" and it says it arrives to Amsterdam at 9:20am.

Yet the Interrail app shows only "nj402" and it says it reaches Amsterdam at 9:14am

And the obb website shows two different trains but with same details except for the train name. 

My question is: are the ic60402 and the nj402 the same train with different names (or something like that)?

I'll explain my doubt better:

can I use the qr code (on the interrail app) for that nj train that arrives at 9:14am


should I add my trip with the ic60402 manually? (since on the interrail app, just updated, my precise trip is not showed yet) 


Please help me to understand, thank you! 



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They're technically the same train. The IC consists of the seating coaches in that train. the NJ consists of the couchette and sleeper coaches in the same train.

Not sure what you're theoretically supposed to do but I doubt it will be a problem if you just add the NJ. If you have an iPhone you should avoid to add a manual journey anyway because of a bug in the app.

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It is the same train, the seat cars run as IC and the couchette and sleeping cars run as Nightjet. If you have to add manually or not, I’m not sure.


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strangly interrail app just chooses one connetion to display and hides the other same ones…

but in your case I could display the 60402 by using the filter “no seat reservations required”.

Otherwise you can also find the train by using the station timetable, and then add only the whole journey of the train (which is okay in your case).

I am on this train right now.:D


NJ 402 is sleeper only, operated by OeBB Nightjet. IC 60402 is seat only, operated by DB. They are technically the same train but have different fare systems.