Booking ferry on Attica/Superfast site - I can’t have a reservation without having an amount due

I have a 6 day Pass for Greek islands, Attica Group.

When I go on the site for booking, even if I put my CPN number, I can’t have a reservation without having an amount due.

Why ?

Is it because my Pass begins on19th of August (date of my departure to Greece) ?

Thank you for answer,

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Did you select the Additional discount "Interrail Greek Islands Pass” at the bottom right of the booking page? Also please note that the amount will only stay 0 when you choose "Deck - Lounge” as the seat type.



I have not this on the page of Blue Star Ferries booking:



… sorry, but I don’t know how to insert a link

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… sorry, but I don’t know how to insert a link

Just make a screenshot. Or copy/paste your image into the message box.



There is no discount on the page

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I see the Greek Islands pass in the Discounts dropdown:

What journey are you trying to book?

It is a booking for Pireus to Mytilene and return a few days after.

I have called a person at Attica Group, who told me to send an email to “” a few days ago, but I didn’t receive an answer till now.

Best greetins for your help.

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For Mytilene, I also see the Greek Islands passes in the Discount dropdown. But only when I select Economy. If I select a cabin, then the Greek Islands passes do not appear, although you're entitled to  a 30% discount on accommodation, according to the pass guide. So if you want a berth or a cabin, there's no other option than to mail. The best is to specify exactly which ferry you want to book at which date and exactly which pass you have, with pass cover number.

Je vois que tu es Belge (francophone ?), et comme je suis de la Suisse romande, je vais écrire en français (avec anglais ci-dessous).J’ai tout essayé et suivi tes recommandations, en vain: le montant est toujours de quelque 100 Euros.J’ai été sur le site de réservation d’Attica et de Blue Star Ferries: toujours le même résultat.J’ai appelé Attica, qui m’a dit d’envoyer un Email à; j’attends toujours une réponse.Désespérant.Merci pour tes efforts !ANGLAIS:I see that you're Belgian, and I'm French-speaking Swiss, so I'm going to write in French.I have tried everything and followed what you suggest, but I absolutely cannot get an amount of zero Euro.I have been on the Attica site, on the Blue Star site: always the same problem.I also phoned Attica, who told me to email, but no response yet.Hopeless !
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The fact that I live in Belgium doesn't say anything about my nationality :)

I read French but writing sometimes takes too much time… writing in my 3 other languages goes much faster.

It's difficult to understand what is happening on your end. I now see your screenshot with the journeys details. I enter that on and select the exact ferries, then I click on the "Proceed” button. Then get to this page:

Under "Passenger 1”, you need to select seat type (Economy), passenger type (full fare) and then as the discount "Greek Islands pass 6 days”. Only after selecting this discount, the price goes to 0:

The selections are also copied to the return journey.

I hope I don't offend you by saying that you know French.For the rest, what you describe is what I have done several times, in vain.Finally, I will take the ticket at the port of Piraeus, so I won't have any more gray hair to get upset on the site.Thank you for your help,