Can i book the trains before activating the pass?

  • 21 June 2022
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Can i book the trains before activating the pass? I start from Italy, i have to go germany / czech republic / slovakia / Austria and back to Italy, where should you book? Thanks


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Hello Paolo,


Yes, you could reserve seats without activating your pass. Please also note you don’t need to book trains in advance in many countries, unless you want to reserve a seat, e.g. Germany. 


If you have EUrail pass, you can directly reserve seat with this link:

For the Interrail pass holders, I think you can also easily find the corresponding link with Google.

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@Ruchuan @Paolo Bianco 


The advice from the experienced travellers in the community is to use other ways to make reservations than the Interrail/Eurail website. Far from all trains can be booked there and there is an extra fee of 2 EUR per ticket. You can look at the guide in the link:

If you, after having looked at the guide, have questions about how to make specific reservation, please give your travel details (departure date, time and route) preferably in a new post, and you will get advice.